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About Us

Sputnik Corp engages in providing clients with end to end solutions in the fields of polymers (plastics & rubber), aluminum die casting and electronic component manufacturing. We have our roots built upon trust and integrity which helps our business partners realize their goals with the highest order of business ethics, skill and flexibility.

We operate from Coimbatore a region known for its strong technical know how in fields of Automotive, Textile and Foundry Engineering. We are well connected with facilities for rapid prototyping, reliability testing, etc which gives us the unique advantage of catering to the clients, starting from design of component through prototyping and testing of components and series production.

We Do..

Plastic, Rubber and Aluminium Component design and development,

Plastic / Aluminum Molding / Die Casting Tool design, development and production of designed components.

Electronics components designing, manufacturing, PCB population, assembling etc.